I have been taking photographs since I was a child but it is only with the opportunity for a career change that my passion for storytelling through text and images has been realised.

A committed Christian, I find myself drawn to issues that affect us as human beings, and hope to challenge my audience to think about the subjects that I put before them.

My solo show, The Living and the Dead, was recently exhibited at Bury St Edmunds Cathedral and University Campus Suffolk in support of Cruse Bereavement Care.

I have also taken part in other group shows at University Campus Suffolk.

My current work, Women, Identity, Faith, questions whether women are faced with challenges to their identity as a result of their religious beliefs. A series of diptychs explore conformity to religious guidelines as compared to the identity of 21st century Western woman. Jews, Muslims and Christians have taken part, and from the resulting body of work, similarities and difference cause the viewer to think about identity and how religion interacts with society.

I enjoy working in photojournalism and documentary but also have a keen interest in landscape, historical buildings and interiors.

My works have been produced using large and medium format film, and also digital files.